A Tribute to Our World War II Veterans

 For Us They Served

They stand tall at the playing of the National Anthem.
With hands on their hearts, they say a silent prayer.
They are the survivors. The ones that made it back home.
They lost friends in that place and time over there.

They held the hands of their fallen comrades in battle.
Through the line of fire, they carried them on their backs.
They conquered obstacles we would never imagine,
With courage, honor, and their commitment intact.

They hold within the memories of their days in battle.
They remember the day they made it back home,
With scars not only on the surface, but also beneath.
Lines of age portray wisdom, many may never know.

Donít be surprised to see their tears fall, at the raising of our flag.
Through battlefield or not, they know the sacrifice it takes.
We could learn from their loyalty to country and comrades.
If we all had this unity, what a difference we could make.

I wish I could shake the hand, of each one across this land,
And thank them for the sacrifices they made.
Our way of life, our freedom, the paths we travel today,
are only there, because they paved the way.

From World II, or Vietnam, and all battles to this day,
How you feel about war, has no relevance on the fact,
Our Veterans courageously served for us all.
It is our duty to never forget, or to turn our backs.

Our World War II Veterans will not be here many more years to share their experiences with us all.

They have seen enormous changes in this world and the military in their lifetime.
We can all learn a great deal from their experiences.

Therefore, the next time you see a World War II Veteran, extend your hand for me.
Please let them know that this handshake is from a proud American, CT.

CT Dawson 


Of the 16.5 million soldiers who served in WWII there are only 1.2 million left

and the number is decreasing at the rate of 550 per day.

"It is, I believe, the greatest generation any society has ever produced."