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10 Financial Tips to Do Before You Deploy 

Constant Contact: How Much Is Too Much During Deployments? 

7 Medicare Facts Every Veteran Should Know 

You’ve Earned It: These Grants Can Help Disabled Veterans 

The Veteran's Guide to Creating a Peaceful At-Home Atmosphere After Returning Home 

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Employment Resources for Veterans
There are many federal jobs that give preference to hiring retired military members. This site provides information on what these positions are, as well as resources for job training.

Financial Resources for American Veterans
This resource from offers helpful ideas for finding support for a variety of circumstances that may be keeping you from accomplishing your financial goals.

How Service and Therapy Dogs are Helping PTSD Victims
This guide discusses the many benefits that specially-trained PTSD service dogs provide to their two-legged companions, as well as resources for finding one of your own.

The Gary Sinise Foundation
The distinguished actor has added “advocate to veterans everywhere” to his resume by building homes and providing home modifications to disabled war veterans – services which are free of charge.

Many College Scholarships and Grants Available for Veterans
Many veterans are interested in obtaining a higher education and, thanks to the federal government and other organizations, have plenty of options at their disposal in terms of financial assistance.

The National Center on Homelessness Among Veterans (NCHAV)
This division of the VA works to provide care and compassion for veterans who are homeless or at-risk for homelessness.

A Guide to Cremation and Burial for Veterans: Pre-Planning, Financial Benefits, and Everything You Need to Know for Making Proper Final Arrangements
This research-based guide provides a wealth of information to veterans and their loved ones on making affordable and honorable final arrangements.

It’s important that we all support our nation’s heroes, just as they have fought for our rights and freedoms. Thank you for spreading the word!